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  • Get a unified network monitoring experience with Network Insights | Azure Friday
    by Scott Hanselman, Rob Caron on 19th April 2021 at 17:00

    Using Networks Insights to view health, metrics, alerts, and signals from all network monitoring tools in one place, Dalan Mendonca shows Scott Hanselman that there's no need to scramble across tools to troubleshoot your network issues in Azure.[0:00:00]– Intro to Network Insights[0:04:30]– Network health tab[0:08:48]– Connectivity tab[0:10:14]– Traffic tab[0:10:49]– Discussion [0:12:58]– Wrap-upAzure Monitor Network InsightsWhat is Azure Network Watcher?Network Connectivity Monitoring with Connection MonitorNetwork Watcher – Traffic AnalyticsCreate a free account (Azure)

  • Efficiently manage your cloud operations using Cloud Adoption Framework   | Azure Enablement
    by KristenBaker on 16th April 2021 at 18:04

    Brian Blanchard joins Sarah Lean to discuss how you can efficiently manage your cloud operations using the Cloud Adoption Framework.✅ Resources:Cloud Adoption Framework Manage methodology[00:00] Introduction[01:00] How are cloud operations different from traditional and familiar IT ops?[02:23] What is the CCoE, and how does it fit in?[04:36] Can you share a customer story about cloud operations?[06:12] Is there a set pattern for when a company wants to start cloud operations?[06:57] What are the business criteria to help define business commitments?[08:24] What is the actual goal of setting the operations baseline?[09:13] Can you tell us more about what the operations baseline looks like?[10:04] How do you handle workloads that require a higher SLA?[10:46] If you need to improve operations for every workload, what are the options for customers? [12:15] How would you improve platform-specific operations, like SQL?[13:17] In terms of the operations baseline, are there scenarios when you have to exceed the MVP? [14:36] Are there specialized workloads that require exceeding the extended baseline?[15:32] Where can our customers go to get started?📺 Related Episodes to watch next:Overview of Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure Assess cloud readiness using Microsoft Assessments🔴 Watch more episodes in the Cloud Adoption Framework Series!

  • Build Automation with NUKE | On .NET
    by Cecil Phillip, ricardoesway on 16th April 2021 at 17:56

    Nuke is an open source, cross-platform build automation solution for .NET projects. NUKE prides itself on its simplicity and extensibility that makes build automation approachable for everyone.In this episode,  Matthias Koch joins Rich to give an understanding of what NUKE is and where it fits within the development cycle.[01:03] - What is NUKE?[03:00] - Where does NUKE shine?[06:45] - Setting up a NUKE configuration[11:50] - Does this ever conflict with MS Build?[14:44] - Exploring a publish configuration[20:46] - Where to find Getting Started information? Useful Links.NET Nuke Build.NET CakeMS Build documentation 

  • Use Helm Charts from Windows Client Machine to Deploy SQL Server 2019 Containers on Kubernetes | Data Exposed
    by Anna Hoffman, Marisa Brasile on 15th April 2021 at 16:00

    Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes itself. Learn with Amit Khandelwal on Data Exposed how you can use Helm from your Windows machine to deploy SQL Server 2019 containers on Kubernetes all in less than 5 minutes.[01:36] What is Helm[02:48] What do I need to get started?[05:20] Demo[24:00] Getting startedResources:Deploy SQL Server on Azure Kubernetes Service cluster via Helm Charts - on a windows client machineGithub

  • Microsoft Edge: Web dev tools, A11y, and PWAs | Tabs vs Spaces
    by Matt Wojo, Channel 9 Studio, MatthewLeib on 15th April 2021 at 15:30

    The new Microsoft Edge Chromium-based web browser has all sorts of exciting new tools to assist web developers, features to improve accessibility (A11y), and support for building progressive web apps (PWAs). Learn about it from a few members of the team who work on it in this episode of Tabs vs Spaces. This episode covers: [00:00] Introductions: Chris Heilmann, Rachel Weil, Erica Draud [00:35] Chris Heilmann: What's new with Microsoft Edge? [04:55] Rachel Weil: What's new with Microsoft Edge developer tools? [07:02] Rachel Weil Demo: Customizing the DevTools interface [10:30] Rachel Weil Demo: Accessiblity features in DevTools [11:59] Chris Heilmann Demo: Accessiblity features in DevTools [15:46] Erica Draud: What's new with Progressive Web Apps? [18:45] Erica Draud Demo: How to make a PWA and use the tools [22:37] Tabs vs Spaces? (Everyone) [26:00] Where can I learn more?Resources where you can find more info:Microsoft Edge docsPWA Service Worker improvementsMicrosoft Edge News & BlogsMicrosoft Edge Insiders BuildsVS Code Extension for Dev Tools--Twitter--Chris HeilmannRachel WeilErica DraudWindows Docs 

  • Developer's guide to Microsoft Graph | Learn Together: Building Apps with Microsoft Graph
    by Dan Wahlin, Ayca Bas on 14th April 2021 at 18:00

    Join Ayca Bas and Dan Wahlin as they share a developer's guide to Microsoft Graph – the what, why, and how. Want to learn more about Microsoft Graph and complete Learn modules for a chance to win prizes? Join the Graph Learn Challenge: Learn Challenge: the challenge for a chance to win prizes!Complete learn modules and test your knowledge about Microsoft GraphMicrosoft Graph docs: documentation for Microsoft Graph with tutorials, reference docs, and more information to get started building apps with GraphMicrosoft Graph Fundamentals learning path: to Graph? Start your dev journey with an introductory Learning Path.Microsoft Graph Toolkit module: how east the toolkit makes things? Learn more on Learn!

  • Preparing your cloud strategy with technical considerations | Azure Enablement
    by KristenBaker on 14th April 2021 at 15:00

    Brian Blanchard & Jeff Amels join Sarah Lean to discuss the technical considerations your organization should think about when building your cloud strategy.  ✅ Resources: Cloud Adoption Framework Strategy OverviewCloud Economics Cloud Adoption Framework 'Strategy and Plan template' [00:00] Introduction[00:58] What technical considerations should organizations consider for cloud strategy?[02:02] Are there benefits in running your first cloud adoption process in parallel with development of the plan?[02:52] What's a good practical example of some first projects, and what's the expectation for them?[04:20] What are the differences between on-premises motivations vs. cloud motivations?[07:42] How do a customer's current workloads translate to the cloud?[11:19] How does a static to dynamic allocation in the cloud change the mindset with newly available elasticity? 📺 Related Episodes to watch next: Overview of Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure Assess cloud readiness using Microsoft Assessments 🔴 Watch more episodes in the Cloud Adoption Framework Series!   

  • C# Language Highlights: Target Typed new expressions | On .NET
    by Cecil Phillip, ricardoesway on 13th April 2021 at 19:00

    In this quick video, Cecil and Jayme will teach us about the new target-typed new expression in C# 9.Useful LinksWhat's new in C# 9Target-typed new expressions Language referenceA Tour of C# Get your questions answered on the Microsoft Q&A for .NET -​ Learn .NET with free self-guided learning from Microsoft Learn: #DotNet #CSharp

  • Nested IoT Edge devices and offline dashboards | Internet of Things Show
    by Olivier Bloch, ricardoesway on 12th April 2021 at 12:30

    Azure IoT Edge devices can now be nested to securely collect data across networks organized in hierarchical layers. Industrial customers commonly use layered networks to isolate and secure their most critical assets, as recommended by the ISA-95 standard. With this new IoT Edge capability, customers can quickly overcome the challenges of collecting data from each layer and gain local insights to help reduce unplanned downtime, increase equipment efficiency, and reduce product defects while fully complying with strict industry standards.Learn more at

  • Get Started with Accessing Azure Data Explorer using Apache Spark for Azure Synapse Analytics | Data Exposed
    by Anna Hoffman, Marisa Brasile on 8th April 2021 at 16:20

    In this episode of Data Exposed, Manoj Raheja shows us how to seamlessly integrate with Azure Data Explorer from Apache Spark for Azure Synapse Analytics.[01:13] Azure Data Explorer Overview[02:52] Azure Data Explorer connector for Azure Synapse[05:20] Demo[09:20] Getting startedResources:Connect to Azure Data Explorer using Apache Spark for Azure Synapse AnalyticsGitHub (Sample Code) 

  • Rapidly move your Vision AI project to production with VisionOnEdge | Internet of Things Show
    by Olivier Bloch on 7th April 2021 at 17:56

    Putting together a demo or a simple proof of concept for your Vision AI at the edge project has become pretty simple. But bringing this project to pilot then to production can be daunting.Mahesh Yadav joins Olivier on this new episode to introduce the open source project VisionOnEdge which gives you all you need to rapidly get your project to a production ready state.Learn more reading Mahesh's blog post at   

  • On Prem To The Cloud: Migrating to App Service (episode 6) | The DevOps Lab
    by ricardoesway, pgray9933 on 7th April 2021 at 14:00

    Our customers have been wanting some more basic, getting started material on taking their on prem applications and moving them to the cloud. This video series does just that. Starting with a simple on prem solution, lifting and shifting and slowly evolving the app through its many stages until it is a 100% cloud native app. Episode 6 will move the web application code off VMs running IIS, and into Azure App Service.  Jump to:[01:02] Why Azure App Service?[02:35] How do we make this move?[03:40] Demo of moving to App Service[12:02] Caveats for real projects[13:10] Updating the deployment pipeline Learn more:Microsoft Learn Module Migration Assistant App Service Build in-demand skills to leverage DevOps capabilities in every stage of your software development lifecycle. In less than 1-hour commitment a day, you can earn 50 percent off the cost of a Microsoft certification exam as DevOps Engineer Expert. DevOps Lab Favorites:Azure DevOps Docs​Azure DevOps YouTube​​Follow Damian Steven a Free Azure DevOps Account

  • Welcome Session | Focus on Windows
    by Scott Hunter, Olia Gavrysh on 7th February 2021 at 15:27

    Scott and Olia open the day with what's happening in the .NET ecosystem, the .NET Windows developer landscape, and show you what's new with Windows Forms and WPF development on .NET 5.

  • VS Code an overnight success...10 years in the making with Erich Gamma | VS Code Day 2021
    by Erich Gamma on 26th January 2021 at 04:49

    VS Code an overnight success...10 years in the making with Erich GammaResources:

  • Embedding your web app in Teams | Learn Together: Developing Apps for Teams
    by Waldek Mastykarz, Barnam Bora on 16th December 2020 at 19:04

    Did you know you can take an existing web app experience and adapt it for Teams? Barnam Bora and Waldek Mastykarz will show you how you can display rich interactive web content within Microsoft Teams clients. For more information about integrating web apps with Teams, check out our Docs - Integrate web apps with Teams

  • Key benefits of integrating web applications into Microsoft Teams | Learn Together: Developing Apps for Teams
    by Dan Wahlin, Burke Holland on 16th December 2020 at 19:04

    If you're working on a Line of Business application, a Software as a Service application, or an entirely different category of application, you can bring your apps directly into Teams and provide a more productive way for users to get work done. In this session Burke Holland and Dan Wahlin will demonstrate key benefits your users will experience by integrating Web apps into Teams such as Single Sign-On, Teams tab access, interactive bots (with AI capabilities), mobile access to your apps through Teams, and more.Learn more about Teams app development here: Develop apps for Microsoft Teams – AssociateGitHub here:

  • Extracting Value from Text and Audio to Inform Business Strategy | All Around Azure: A Developer's Guide to AI
    by Amanda Wong on 14th December 2020 at 23:58

    Tailwind Traders have a great website and application for customers and partners. However, they are seeing an increased amount of support tickets regarding usage of these offerings. They want to store, analyze and extract insights from their text and audio data to make better product backlog decisions and reduce their support tickets.  In this session you'll learn how Tailwind Traders took their support ticket text and audio files, convert and extract insight metadata from each ticket using Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics and Speech-to-Text. Then aggregated their findings to inform their product backlog and implement improvements.Key technologies included: Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Storage and Power BI, (Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis, Speech to Text, LUIS)  Explore Natural Language Processing: Azure AI Fundamentals Certification: